All About OnesPay

OnesPay is an exchange of digital assets such as electronic stocks, discount codes, bonus points, transaction certificates … built on the new generation blockchain platform of Unicorn Surf of Unicorn Fintech Company. , address 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom.

A secure, anonymous and peer to peer payment solution.


You can pay for goods and services online, businesses will link to OnesPay and use us as their official payment gateway.

In the near future, we will link with online stores and launch our stores, where you can buy everything you want.

You can exchange your digital assets with other assets available on OnesPay and have the opportunity to increase your assets.

The most outstanding advantage of OnesPay is that you can convert your digital assets into cash and withdraw them into your bank account.

Our digital assets


OPC is a separate digital asset issued by OnesPay, used as an intermediary for other digital asset transactions on OnesPay.

The digital assets when registered will determine the OPC conversion rate and deposit requirements.

The number of OPC issued is 21 billion. The price of 1 OPC is 0.1 USD and is rising based on the development of the Unicorn Surf ecosystem


OPS is an electronic stock of OnesPay digital asset trading platform.

The number of shares issued is 21 million shares of OPS.

Current issuance price at this stage is 0.1USD / OPS

Holding OPS shares will be divided profits from fee collection activities of OnesPay.